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Pollenkreuzreaktionen <-> Desensibilisierung

Original article
Effect of tree pollen specific, subcutaneous immunotherapy on the oral allergy syndrome to apple and hazelnut
X. Bucher1, W. J. Pichler1, C. A. Dahinden2, A. Helbling1

ist ein Artikel aus 2001, leider in englischer Sprache..wie nahezu alle Artikel

aus 2000 stammt folgender Beitrag:
Fennel, cucumber, and melon allergy successfully treated with pollen-specific injection immunotherapy
Ricardo Asero, MD
Background: In subjects with both pollinosis and vegetable food allergy, most allergenic epitopes of fruits are present in pollen. A recent study showed marked reduction or total disappearance of apple-induced oral allergy syndrome in patients receiving injection immunotherapy with birch pollen extracts.
Objective: To assess whether vegetable food allergy following other kinds of primary pollinosis may be successfully treated with pollen-specific immunotherapy.
Methods: A 34-year-old woman with long-standing pollinosis and typical oral allergy syndrome (OAS) with the ingestion of both fennel and cucumber and whose OAS was associated with laryngeal oedema after the ingestion of melon, was treated with 2 commercial depot aluminium hydroxide-adsorbed extracts of grass pollen and mugwort pollen 50% + ragweed pollen 50%.
Results: After 36 months of injection specific immunotherapy, the patient was able to tolerate both fresh fennel and cucumber without consequence on open oral challenge tests. After 43 months of immunotherapy, the patient tolerated fresh melon as well on open oral challenge. She has re-introduced these vegetables in her normal diet. Skin tests show no reactivity to fresh fennel and there was a reduction of the wheal induced by fresh cucumber.
Conclusion: Vegetable food allergy following primary sensitisation to pollens, other than birch, may also be effectively reduced by pollen-specific injection immunotherapy.
Reference: Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2000;84:460-462

und nochmal was zu Birkenpollen -> Apfel”allergie”

und noch`was ziemlich „Neues“

Wobei der letzte Satz- das Fazit – wohl eine sehr deutliche Sprache spricht:

In spite of a significant effect on seasonal hay fever symptoms and use of medication and decrease in IgE-reactivity, SIT was not accompanied by a significant decrease in the severity of allergy to apple compared to placebo. Therefore, oral allergy syndrome (OAS) to apple should not be considered as a main criterion for selecting patients for birch pollen immunotherapy at present. ….trotz der signifikanten (positiven) Auswirkungen auf die saisonalen Heuschnupfen-Symptome mit Verringerung der Medikamenteneinnahme und Abnahme des IgE`s, wurde keine signifikante Abnahme der schweren Reaktionen auf Apfel ( OralesAllergieSyndrom) beobachtet.
Aus diesem Grunde sollte eine Desensibilisierung auf Birkenpollen mit OAS auf Apfel als Hauptindikation zum momentanen Zeitpunkt nicht in Erwägung gezogen werden.

Bei all`den Studien ging/geht es hauptsächlich um das OAS (OralesAllergieSyndrom), nicht um Magen-Darm-Beschwerden.......



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